Psychotherapy and Counseling in English


Pernille Ianev, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


  • MA Counseling Psychology. Trained in the US
  • Offers Psychotherapy and Counseling in fluent English
  • 24 years of experience as a Psychotherapist and Psychologist in the US and Denmark



2008 Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Traumeheling, Denmark

2004 MA Psychology, Copenhagen University

2001 MA Psychology, Lesley University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1996 Certified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Alchemy Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA

1992 Rebalancing Bodyworker,  Multiversity, Pune, India

1990 BA Arts, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


Member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapists

Member of the Somatic Experiencing Association

Member of American Council of Hypnotisk Examiners


I integrate  many different methods and techniques, so I can tailor the therapy to meet your specific needs. 

In therapy we include your thoughts, feelings, emotions and your body.

This is so that all parts of your brain and psyche have a chance to heal and balance.

For many people this means that changes happen quickly and more effectively that in ‘talk therapy’.


Areas of expertise:

  • Expat challenges
  • Low self-esteem
  • PTSD, traumas and crisis
  • Eating disorders and overeating
  • Adult children of alchoholics
  • Family problems and dysfunctional families
  • Incest and assault
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • OCD and social anxiety
  • Relationship issues and jealousy
  • Stress, burnout and sleep problems
  • Loss and grief
  • Drug addiction and alchohol addiction
  • Career counseling
  • Couples of mixed cultural/racial background


Approximately 30% of my clients are people who are working in or have emigrated to Denmark. Since I have lived in the US, Ireland and India for 16 years and by origin I am half Danish half Bulgarian,  I have experience with the difficulties and challenges you might be facing in a foreign culture. I speak fluent English hold a Psychology Degree from Lesley University (Boston, US) in multicultural counseling.

I have worked with people from many cultures, including Americans, English, Irish, Hispanic, Persians, Bulgarians, Russians, Bosnians, Polish, South Americans, Australians, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Turks and Canadians.

If you are a native English speaker, psychotherapy and counseling in your own language can make the experience much easier and more meaningful for you.

As a foreigner living in Denmark, many issues may come up including general stress, depression, feeling like an outsider, missing your home country, confusion, loneliness and isolation. Relationship problems may include misunderstandings, miscommunications and cultural disagreements.

Work Experience

  • Private practice since 1992 in the US and Denmark
  • Teaching psychotherapy in Norway at my own institute, Institut for Integreret Hypnoterapi
  • Supervision of Psychologists at Brunhilde Women’s center
  • Red Cross Refugee Department, research and group therapy
  • Copenhagen University lecturer
  • Counseling torture victims at RCT
  • Counseling inmates at Boulder Correctional Facility in Colorado


  • Couples Counseling and family therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Body centered psychotherapy


Psychotherapy and Counseling

Can help you deal with difficult challenges in your life and give you the tools you need in order to get more out of life. Becoming conscious of issues and about yourself opens up new possibilities and helps you let go of old patterns.
In therapy we deal with present day issues, but also the past. Often the past influences and impacts how you feel and behave today.  The issues you experience at the present may have deep roots, so it can be necessary to work on feelings, experiences and traumas from the past.
Therapy is conducted in a gentle and accepting manner. I will always listen to and be sensitive to your specific needs.


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Can be used when you have previous experience with therapy and feel ready to go deeper into specific issues. This method is experiential rather than intellectual, and can bring about transformation of deeply held issues. During a session relaxation and visualization techniques are used. Often it involves working with your inner child and childhood traumas, but we also work with developing your inner resources, so you are better able to deal with what comes up. Many unresolved feelings from the past can be resolved in a short time.


Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Therapy

Is a method developed by Dr. Peter Levine to deal with traumas by accessing and working with the nervous system and the body. He studied animals for many years and found that animals and humans react to traumatic situations by going into flight, fight or freeze. By working with these 3 reactions we can resolve traumas. This method is very effective in working with the effects of any trauma or life-threatening situation, but is also useful if you experience symptoms like fear, anxiety, phobias, pain, sleeping problems, depression or PTSD.


Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Can help couples who are facing problems with conflicts, communication, jealousy, sexuality or lack of romance. In therapy I use methods inspired by Imago Therapy, David Deida, Systemic Psychotherapy and John Grey. The work in Couples Therapy is based on improving communication and understanding between you, but also on working with the underlying issues and patterns that each of you bring into the relationship.

When a couple has trouble talking about issues, walls build up and it can feel like the love is not there anymore. This is often not the case and the feelings can begin to come back when both partners start to express how they feel. They need to start expressing what they feel angry, sad and happy about.

Another issue is that often personal issues can make you close down to your partner. Issues from childhood get triggered many times in adult life, especially in a love relationship. In other words, we often play out our own issues unconsciously with our partner. Even if you do not stay together, couple counseling can help you move on in a more healthy way. This is important when there are children involved, because they will feel the stress and tension of their parents and often blame themselves.


Practical info

Fee structure:

Individual counseling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy: 1100 kr. for 60 minutes

Couple counseling: 1200 kr. for 60 minutes

If you have private health insurance (Danica, Skandia, Topdanmark, Mølholm) they cover 80-100% of the fee.

At this time I am not able to accept government health insurance (den offentlige sygesikring).


New clients are always welcome!


The First Session

At the first session we meet to discuss the issues you wish to address. You tell me about your background and personal history. You might feel a bit nervous at the first session with a new therapist. In order for therapy to be effective you need to have a level of trust in  me and at the first session we find out if we are a good ‘match’. Then we make a plan for the therapy and discuss which methods I will use.


Treatment Packages

  • Individual therapy (intensive short term therapy 4 times per month for 2 months).
  • Individual therapy (in depth longer term therapy every other week for 10 sessions).
  • Individual therapy (maintenance or follow up once per month for several months or years)
  • Career counseling (3 sessions including a career test and creation of job profile)
  • Supervision for psychologists and psychotherapists
  • All sessions are available via telephone or Skype if you do not live near Copenhagen



As a licensed psychologist in Denmark I adhere to the principles of ‘Nordiske psykologer’ (Nordic psychologists).


What is to be expected in therapy?

When you contact me, it is because something in your life is not working. Maybe you feel bad, depressed, sad or worried. You might feel unhappy, hopeless or just feel that things could be better. You might not know exactly what the problem is or how to solve it, or even where it came from.

At the start of therapy I will help you get an overview of your issues and together we will make a treatment plan. I will to let you know how many sessions you need. Since most issues have been underway for many years and can be quite complex, you should probably expect at least 6 sessions.

When you are choosing a psychologist or psychotherapist chemistry is very important. A good connection will help you open up and feel safe. It can be difficult to know how our chemistry will be before we have met. So you are welcome to call me and have a chat before booking an appointment.

In the beginning of therapy you may start to feel feelings more intensely. After a few sessions you get used to the process and you will start to feel better. You will feel lighter and your issues will fade somewhat. At the end of therapy you should feel that the issues we have addressed are lessened or not there anymore.

Client Testimonials

Pernille was a great help and support to me when I was suffering from a period of stress, anxiety and panic. I felt very comfortable speaking to her. The fact that Pernille is an excellent English speaker was also a huge benefit, as English is my first language. I’d be happy to recommend Pernille to anyone going through a difficult time.

Tommy, Technical Support Engineer


As an expat in Copenhagen, I was worried I would not be able to find a psychologist with whom I felt comfortable and who could also conduct sessions in fluent English. When I first met Pernille, I found that she not only met both of those criteria but also demonstrated a high level of professional qualification. Pernille has helped me to come successfully through several difficult periods of personal crisis over the last few years. She exudes a warm, open and completely non-judgemental energy in her sessions, and she has gently challenged me in many positive ways. I find her to be solutions-oriented and appreciate the way she focuses our sessions on moving forward and identifying resources I already have in and around me – rather than dwelling on the past. Pernille also uses some excellent relaxation techniques during intensely stressful periods. I can highly recommend Pernille to anyone – Danish or English-speaking – who is looking for a highly caring and professional psychologist.

Emma, Manager


I really got a lot from being in therapy with Pernille. I was in therapy with another psychologist for a long time and that helped me, but she was not able to help me all the way. Because of Pernille’s diverse educational background she is able to draw upon many methods. It was my former psychologist who recommended trying a therapist who had more than ‘just’ a university degree in Psychology.

After a shocking experience I was suffering from PTSD symptoms and was not able to fully process that experience. It kept coming up to the surface. After some short term therapy with Pernille I felt normal again and had regained my inner peace. I am convinced that Pernille’s great human insight and experience helped me tremendously in my therapy.

She is very conscious of working with the whole person and draws on body language, breath, words, tears, smiles and silences. These are all valuable tools that help in finding a way to the core of the issues.

I also really enjoyed her humor and smile. In times of absurd reactions and situations, they were slivers of light. I warmly recommend Pernille if you need help in getting through overwhelming life situations.

Maria, Student of Philosophy


My world had fallen apart. My boyfriend had dumped me for someone else and the whole process was very dramatic. I also lost my grandfather whom I was very close to. I cried constantly and couldn’t stop. My friend recommended Pernille and I contacted her and made an appointment. I admit it was difficult to ask for help. 

At the first session Pernille found out what my issues were. She helped me put into words my feelings and it was a relief. Soon I felt better and had tools to work with. When I fall back I use the tools. In therapy one issue can lead to the next and that is how it was for me. I had some deeply buried issues that Pernille helped me process. It was easy to talk with her and she accepted me. I was able to be honest and she helped me see things in perspective. I have completed therapy now and I feel positive again and able to work on myself without her help. If I need her help again I know she is only a phonecall away. I can recommend her very  much. 

Susanne, Engineer 


Pernille is a patient, warm and sensitive therapist. She listens willingly to what I tell her. She is flexible and a rare therapist who always has given me good advice. She is competent at her job and you can trust her to help you work on yourself. She has helped me like no other therapist has. 

Thomas M, Psychologist


I was going through a divorce after a long marriage and Pernille was recommended to me by a colleague. I have been seeing Pernille for a couple of years now. Intensively at first, and it has helped me a great deal. 

When I compare this to other experiences in therapy I can clearly sense that Pernille has extensive experience and is very professional. No matter how confused or dark I was when I met with her, I always left feeling more clear and believing in myself. 

She has guided me towards a greater understanding of how I came to be me. She has helped me become conscious of my emotional reactions and thought. I now can behave in a more healthy manner and that is a great joy to myself and others. Without her support I am sure I would not be where I am today. 

Apart from being very competent and professional, Pernille is also very present, empathetic and caring as a person. I always felt safe and comfortable with her. I can really recommend her. 

Helle, IT-engineer


Pernille is very calm and open and I felt very safe with her. I always felt that she could bring me safely through the session. My therapy was a combination of talk-therapy and hypnosis, and that was a really effective way to get to the core of the issues I was facing. If I ever need therapy in the future I would definitely call her again. I trust her and know that her professional and human insight is really good.

Lise, Child care provider


I was a client in your practice many years ago. I have never before or after seen such a competent psychologist. Since I saw you I was part of a scientific project that taught me a lot. I think this is because of your therapy. You helped lay the foundation so that I now can accept myself and my life. I learned to believe in my self and voice my opinion, and never to be held down by my self or others. I like my job now and I am looking for new opportunities. All in all I have found my resources. Your therapy started the positive process. Sometimes I meet people and clients through my work who need good therapy. In those cases I refer them to you. I know from my own experience that you are a unique psychologist.

Mikael, Health Care worker


I needed a psychologist and it was important to me that she knew my background. I am from South of here. Pernille had the perfect background. I have visited a few other psychologists and did not have a lot of faith in it. It took her a long time to convince me that she actually cares about her work and her patients. I was down in a deep dark hole and had many questions. I wanted answers and solutions. In addition I had an alcohol problem and I needed to drink daily when alone (now I drink only very little and in the company of others). Many times I was about to give up on therapy, because I did not know where it was going. One day she said that I was ready to stop therapy. Some months have passed and I now see that I did not waste my time or money. She is and was worth every minute.

Mehdi, Computer technician


Pernille has guided me safely through a turbulent period on my life. But it was also a pleasure for me since she is calm and accepting. She helped me pick up the pieces and become whole again. At no time did she push me and her guidance and insight has been integrated into my life. There is still work to do on myself, but it feels easier now that I am able to set boundaries. I feel calm inside again.

Tina, Student


When choosing a therapist to help me through my depression it was important to me that the therapist be open to many ways of working. I felt safe since Pernille has a traditional psychology degree from Denmark and the US and training in hypnotherapy. This indicated that she would choose the methods that suited me best and this was true. She gave me specific tools so that the process could continue between sessions. I like being able to do something myself also. I am not sure about ‘cured’ since working on yourself is for life, but I am not depressed now. Pernille made a big difference in my life and I can warmly recommend her as a therapist.

Ole, Journalist


Professional affiliations:

  • Danish Association of Psychotherapists
  • Somatic Experiencing Association
  • American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

I have been practicing full time as a Psychotherapist and Psychologist since 1992 in India, Colorado (USA) and Copenhagen. I have been working with individuals with various issues ranging from very complex traumas to stress and career issues.
During my career I taught psychotherapy in several countries and supervised other psychologists. I have also worked with refugees in Copenhagen at RCT and The Red Cross.
Personally my interests are in personal development and human potential. I have participated in thousands of hours of my own therapy, supervision and self development groups. This journey has given me a lot personally and it is very fulfilling to be able to share this and support my clients and students through life challenges.
I continuously participate in therapy, supervison and personal development with my supervisors and through Diamond Approach which is a psycho-spiritual approach founded by A.H.Almaas.
My experience is that I can help and support my clients and students in a more profound way if I have walked the path myself. I strongly believe that we human beings share many issues and challenges. I see it as my job to be present, supportive and caring to my clients and students.